All your web needs (is me!)

I am a freelance web developer who offers clean and easy-to-use interfaces for web and mobile applications, pixel-perfect designs, and carefully crafted websites.

Discover all that I can provide for you or your company.


There are numerous steps involved in the design and development of a well functioning and attractive website, from the initial analysis phase all the way to the finished product. But it doesn’t end there! I also provide website maintenance support so that your site can be kept up to date and smooth-running.


Having clear and well-defined parameters in each of the developmental steps in the creation of your website is of the utmost importance.

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Creativity is central to what I do. My aim is to craft simple and elegant designs based on pre-determined project goals.

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Using the right tools is always key. My clients can rest assured that I will choose the most appropriate technologies to meet their individual needs.

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Upon completion of your website, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t be left out in the cold. I provide fast and friendly support to all my clients.

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Here are some examples of my latest projects and collaborations that include various styles and categories (e.g. personal sites, business, e-commerce, e-learning).



This is a list of some of the most common features that my websites can offer. However, if you have other needs, please don’t be afraid to ask. That’s why I’m here!

  • Content Management

    Easily manage the contents of your website (e.g. embedding videos, updating news, announcements, special promotions, etc.)

  • Multi-lingual

    You will be able to communicate with your clients in any languages you desire.

  • Restricted Areas

    Limited access to content and files to authorized users only.

  • Download documents

    Easily share files and documents with your clients (e.g. pdf, doc, xls, ppt and more).

  • E-commerce

    Enables you to easily reach a worldwide market to sell or promote your product or services.

  • Social Media Integration

    By Integrating social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter into your website, you will be able to vastly increase your visibility.

  • Google Maps

    Dynamic maps that are integrated with your website so that it will be easier for your clients to find you.

  • Newsletter

    Create your own personalized newsletter to keep your clients informed and up-to-date.

Contact me

I am currently accepting new client projects. Please feel free to contact me for information and requests.

I can also be reached by Skype or by email: info@kobalt.it

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